Servelec Controls has provided control and safety systems for Centrica’s producing assets for over ten years. As part of this work, in 2015 Centrica selected Servelec Controls to upgrade obsolete safety equipment on their DPPA platform, which operates as a processing hub for a number of assets in the North East Irish Sea. As DPPA is a processing platform any interruptions to routine operation negatively affect production from adjacent fields.

Centrica had identified that the existing GE Fanuc 90/30 PLC based emergency shutdown (ESD) and fire and gas safety (FGS) systems utilised obsolete technology. In addition, the systems incorporated complex hardwired back-up relay systems and operator interface matrices for status indication and test functionality. The obsolete fire and gas detection devices were maintenance intensive and liable to calibration drift causing loss of production through unplanned platform shutdowns. Following a detailed design phase, Servelec Controls first began installation and pre-commissioning of the new fire and gas detection devices and system cabinets in May 2016, followed by installation of the new emergency shutdown system in August before the obsolete equipment was decommissioned and deconstructed during scheduled intervention windows over the next six months.

The Servelec Controls designed system, once installed:

  • Improved system reliability.
  • Simplified existing safety systems.
  • Reduced the maintenance requirement and proof testing for field detection devices.
  • Made system and detection devices consistent with the rest of the field therefore reducing the spares holding requirements.


Servelec Controls provided a new GE-based ESD system supplied on backplanes so that it could be mounted into existing offshore control room cabinets while the new GE-based FGS, which included Simtronics, Honeywell, Det-tronics and Siemens gas, flame and smoke detection devices was built and housed in new cabinets provided by Servelec Controls. Both systems were hardwired into existing platform equipment and interfaced with the platform’s existing distributed control system (DCS) and remote systems on neighbouring platforms. Servelec Controls also provided a brand new Wonderware InTouch based HMI for operator interface.

Servelec Controls’ engineers managed the project from design phase through installation to decommissioning of the obsolete equipment.

As an independent integrator, Servelec Controls has a wide-ranging automation platform knowledge and is competent and certified to install and support most of the world’s leading OEM’s portfolio of products including ABB, Emerson, GE, Invensys/Schneider, Rockwell and Siemens.

Case Study : Centrica DPPA Platform ESD and FGS Replacement

Download the Centrica DPPA case study here

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