Foyers Falls Power Station required a complete refurbishment/modernisation of the existing switchgear & control circuits that relate to the control & monitoring of the generator.

The existing switchgear and control circuits were replaced with a PLC / HMI solution. Servelec Controls have been involved in a similar refurbishment of the Quoich power station and were requested to use this refurbishment as a template for Foyers Falls.

System Overview

The new system architecture consisted of a single ControlLogix PLC, four ControlNet I/O nodes and two PanelView Plus HMI terminals.

Two of the ControlNet I/O nodes are in remote locations and communicate with the PLC via a fibre optic connection. The HMI Terminals communicate with the ControlLogix PLC using a dedicated Ethernet Network. This network (provided by others) was separate to the SSE Corporate network.

The system architecture deviates from the SSE standard design where unit & station signals and functionality are segregated using separate PLCs. However Servelec Controls were requested to adopt this approach due to the small size of the system.

In order to replicate the standard implementation as far as possible, the PLC code and HMI configuration was structured with Unit and Station segregation wherever practicable.

The two HMIs following were identically configured and displayed alarms/status information for both unit and station. Examples of the mimics produced are shown below.

A WEB Server & Data Historian were connected to the corporate network to provide remote monitoring. A DNP3 link was also provided to support remote control from GOC at Perth.

Project Scope

The Servelec Controls scope of supply included the following:

  • Cable Strip Out Design including Cable Rip out Schedules
  • Cable Installation Design
  • Supply Cable Block Diagrams
  • Supply Cable Schedules
  • Supply Termination Schedules
  • LV Panel Design and manufacture supervision
  • Produce Hardware Test Schedules
  • Supervise panel manufacture
  • Hardware Testing
  • PLC/HMI Hardware and proprietary software
  • Supply all required Allen Bradley PLC and HMI hardware
  • Supply configuration software
  • Software Design
  • Produce PLC Application Software
  • Produce HMI Software
  • Produce Software Test Procedures
  • Produce Site Acceptance test procedures
  • Implement and Test software
  • Perform Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Perform SAT and Commissioning on site

Case Study : Control System Refurbishment - SSE - Foyers Falls Power Station

Download the SSE Foyers Falls Power Station case study here

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