Jersey Gas operates an LPG storage, road tanker filling and mains gas production and distribution facility on the La Collette site in St Helier, Jersey and has been operating for over 170 years.

Servelec Controls was awarded a contract to install a new Integrated Controls and Safety System (ICSSS) on the La Collette site, which included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of process control, emergency shut down and fire and gas systems to increase capacity and flow for the island.


Servelec Controls was employed to design and commission a control system that integrates all systems within the gas plant and provide a single platform for monitoring, control and diagnostics. Servelec Controls delivered a fully integrated control system built using Allen Bradley PlantPAX technology for the process control, safety and supervisory aspects of the system, utilising the Allen Bradley ControlLogix and Allen Bradley GuardLogix PLCs. The entire design, construction and factory acceptence testing (FAT) were performed by Servelec Controls in-house before installation began in 2013. The project took just over 12 months, from site selection to go-live.


Business Benefits

The customer required a control system that was fully integrated, affordable, flexible, and easy to  maintain. System availability was an important consideration and fully redundant hardware was selected to address this and minimise any system downtime that could cause large-scale public inconvenience, significant loss in revenue or result in equipment damage and expensive restarts.

Servelec Controls’ team of multi-disciplined engineers were dedicated to the project throughout the development and installation of the system, ensuring consistent delivery of knowledge and a familiar point of contact for the project team, operators and third party vendors.

Case Study : Jersey Gas Terminal Integrated Control & Safety System (ICSS)

Download the Jersey Gas case study here

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