The Dimlington terminal is where gas is treated prior to export to the National Transmission System (NTS). Currently the terminal uses CFC-based refrigeration to meet the required sales gas dewpoint. However because of the Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) directives, there is a ban on the refilling or topping up of any system with HCFC, excluding localised storage permanently connected to the system. Due to this, Servelec Controls was awarded a contract to make modifications to the site's process control system (PCS), emergency shutdown (ESD) and fire and gas (F&G) protection systems.


Having previously designed and implemented upgrade projects, Servelec Controls has expert knowledge and understanding of the existing system.

The project was required to comply with the ODS directive, principally by improved Joule Thomson (JT) technology and alternative supplementary chiller.

As part of the project, modifications to the existing dewpointing streams were made by involving the introduction of a dewpoint master controller within the PCS which utilises new inputs and existing inputs to control the JT valves and supplementary chiller package setpoint.

The existing software was modified and integrated with all third party packages.



Servelec's flexible approach and familiarity with the site,plant architecture and systems helped deliver the project on time and on budget, with the entire project taking 12 months, from site selection to bring the project online.

The plant was kept operational throughout the project; no downtime was lost as software downloads to the safety systems were planned when the site shutdown.

Servelec's team was dedicated to the project throughout the development and installation of the system, ensuring consistent delivery of knowledge and a familiar point of contact for the project team.

Servelec Controls provides ongoing project work maintenance and support for this site and various other offshore and onshore systems including 24 hours telephone and call out support/scheduled visits for the client.

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