Servelec Controls carried out an Overall Project Requirements Definition and Analysis phase. This consisted of collating current information and establishing the status of the plant/system and conducting a Functional Review.

The purpose of the project was to replace legacy Allen Bradley PLC 2&3 systems throughout the Magnox Encapsulation Plant. This involved the replacement of three systems identified as 311,313 & 318.

Sellafield Limited Requirements

Areas of functionality covered by the project were as follows:-

  • Magnox Encapsulation Plant (MEP)
  • MEP System 311 - Dewater and Grout Station
  • MEP System 313 - Drum Decontamination
  • MEP System 318 - Grout Preparation

The fundamental control philosophy of the plant was not changed as a result of this project. However, a number of Sellafield requested enhancements were made to the control sequences.

The three systems had interaction with each other as well as the following other systems ICDT (System 307) and Cap & Cure (System 312). Careful consideration was given to all these at design stage.

The existing PLC Chassis in each system were replaced with a new ControlLogix solution. The existing local HMI’s were replaced with InTouch SCADA nodes. The new system replaced the legacy systems with industry standard hardware and software.


Project Scope

  • Initial Site Survey and review of the existing system
  • Replacement of the existing, obsolete Allen Bradley PLC 2&3 Systems
  • Supply of new PLC software to achieve the proposed system objectives
  • Provision of new control desk located in the MEP Control Room and housing operator interfaces based on PC screens running In touch SCADA
  • Documentation in line with BNF. EG.0079_1 and BNF.EG.0079_2 using CONCISE
  • Testing of the revised MEP PLC code using PICS software, developed to simulate the plant operation
  • Provision of the Operational and Maintenance manuals to cover the new equipment supplied
  • Provision of Engineering Staff training covering the new system to be supplied


Case Study : Magnox Encapsulation Plant (MEP) - Sellafield Limited

Download the Sellafield Ltd case study here

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