The Magnox East River (MER) Radiological Surveillance System (RSS) is an Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) that covers the
following buildings:-

  • Fuel Handling Plant (FHP) – including inlets,
    pond hall and decanner areas
  • Site Ion Exchange Effluent Plant (SIXEP)
  • Wet Inlet Facility (WIF)

The project scope included the replacement of 10 outstations, each consisting of an Omniflex PLC system, each of which interface with a number of radiation monitors.

A Gateway Omniflex PLC acts as the master to process all outstation data and transfer it to the SCADA.

A separate Building Evacuation System Omniflex PLC reads the monitor data from the gateway node, and processes this data to generate Evacuation alarms. This interfaces with the SCADA system to provide evacuation statuses and alarms.

The system design was formulated to allow phased installation on-site, carried out on a per outstation basis.

A redundant pair of SCADA servers were supplied and configured to execute
Wonderware InTouch in a master-standby configuration providing automatic failover. A further two Operator Workstations run the SCADA application in client mode.

MER Radiological Surveillance System - Sellafield Limited Case Study

Download the full case study here

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