Prior to being awarded the entire project through competitive tender, Servelec Controls carried out an Overall Project Requirements Definition and Analysis phase. This consisted of collating current information and establishing status of the plant/system and conducting a Functional Review. The Functional Specification produced by Servelec Controls formed the technical content of EDF Energy’s Invitation to Tender Document.


System Overview

Areas of functionality covered by the project were as follows:-

  • Make-up Water Treatment Plant (MUWTP) comprising Pre-treatment Plant and De-ionisation Plant
  • Make-up Water Treatment Plant Shutdown System
  • Water Treatment Plant Effluent Disposal System
  • Water Treatment Plant Bulk Chemical Storage
  • Units 1 and 2 Condensate Polishing Plants (CPP) System
  • Units 1 and 2 Condensate Polishing Plants Chemical Ingress Protection System

The fundamental control philosophy of the plant has not been changed as a result of this project. However, a number of EDF Energy requested enhancements have been made to the control sequences.

Each plant area has a dedicated SCADA system based on Intellution’s iFix SCADA package. An additional engineering SCADA system is also provided and all systems communicate with the PLCs over standard serial links. This arrangement guarantees complete independence of all three operator interfaces thus reducing the possibility of human error which might occur in a networked environment.


Project Scope

  • Initial site survey and review of the existing system
  • Replacement of the existing, obsolete GEM80/100 and GEM80/130 PLCs with GEM80-400 series PLCs
  • Supply of new PLC software to achieve the proposed system objectives
  • Provision of a new control desk located in the MUWTP control room and housing operator interfaces based on PC screens running iFix software
  • Provision of operational and maintenance manuals to cover the new equipment supplied
  • Provision of engineering staff training covering the supplied new system
  • Provision of a software testing I3S simulator, to be used for system and Factory Acceptance Tests, which became the property of EDF Energy at the completion of the contract
  • Provision of commissioning and on-site support


MUWTP & CPP Plant Upgrades: EDF Energy - Torness Case Study

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