Deployable Communications and Information System for Thales solution delivered to EDF Energy NGL

Following on from the Fukushima incident in Japan, EDF Energy has undertaken a rigorous assessment of their fleet of UK nuclear power stations to counter the occurrence of an event caused by a similar event. Through this process, EDF Energy has identified a requirement for the provision of mobile emergency response systems which will be deployed in the occurrence of such an event.

Servelec Controls has entered into a sub-contract agreement with Thales UK to provide the control/monitoring sub-set of equipment chosen to fulfil the DCIS requirement. Thales UK will utilise these developed control/monitoring elements and incorporate them into their overall project for EDF Energy. Servelec Controls have developed a SCADA solution from Adroit and a PLC solution from Omniflex within the delivered DCIS system.

As one of the UK’s largest energy companies, supplying electricity and gas to around 5.5 million homes, EDF Energy operate 8 nuclear power stations with a combined capacity of over 9 million megawatts.

Thales UK is part the global Thales Group one of the UK’s largest suppliers of electronics with over 7,500 UK employees. Thales selected Servelec Controls due to its existing long term client relationship with EDF, the UK’s largest energy company over the past 30 years. Servelec Controls is part of Servelec Automation, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Servelec Group plc. The Servelec Group is a UK-based technology group, providing software, hardware and services to the UK healthcare, oil & gas, nuclear, power, utilities and broadcast sectors.

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