Servelec Controls, an independent integrator of mission critical control and safety systems, is proud to announce that two of its Aberdeen-based system engineers have successfully completed the OSIsoft PI System Installation Specialist accreditation, while a further has achieved the Infrastructure Specialist accreditation.

Servelec Controls is the only UK-based systems integrator to boast two OSIsoft recognised installation specialists following Real-time Systems Engineer Gregor Emslie and Principal Engineer Alexander Dixon achieving the OSIsoft PI System Installation Specialists accreditation. The PI Installation Specialist accreditation, which is a progression from the more general Infrastructure certificate, proves the holders’ ability to implement a PI system securely with an expert basis for design. In addition, following the qualification of Senior Systems Engineer Andrew Bell, Servelec Control’s now has seven infrastructure specialists, making up more than 50% of all accredited engineers in the UK.



Servelec Controls has been an OSIsoft Partner company since 2002. The Accreditation Programme recognises specific skills of the individual employees at an OSIsoft partner company. To achieve an accreditation, each person must meet a set of strict criteria, which involves completing the PI Partners boot camp training, business online training and presentation of one pertinent PI system project with further reviewing and testing.

Ronald Holden, Divisional Director of Servelec Controls commented: “At Servelec Controls we are proud to be a leading provider of real-time infrastructure for sensor-based data collection and the only UK-based OSIsoft partner to have two Infrastructure and Installation specialists . Our latest accreditations demonstrate the ability of Servelec Controls to deliver expert PI solutions that add real value for our customers.

“Gregor, Alexander, Andrew and their colleagues who have previously achieved accreditations have further demonstrated their commitment to delivering added value solutions built on the PI System to our customers and I congratulate them for their dedication on behalf of Servelec Controls.”

Servelec Controls is one of the largest independent systems integrators, established with many of the leading automation equipment manufacturers worldwide. Servelec Controls specialises in industrial control, safety and real-time information systems delivering full turnkey engineering solutions and is an industry leader in the design and implementation of functional safety systems.



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