Rebecca Willis appointed as Women in Nuclear UK’s North West Regional Manager

Rebecca Willis, Business Development Manager for Servelec Controls, a leading systems integrator in the Power & Infrastructure industries, has been appointed as North West Regional Manager for Women in Nuclear (WiN).  WiN seeks to gain industry and political support for promoting gender diversity across the industry, improve the representation of women in leadership and engage with the public on nuclear.

Servelec Controls (Power & Infrastructure) works with the UK’s largest energy, nuclear, infrastructure and defence organisations to provide process control and safety systems that make essential tasks safer and simpler.

Alex Moore, Managing Director of Servelec Controls (Power & Infrastructure) said:

“We are delighted with Rebecca’s new appointment as North West Regional Manager for WiN.  Servelec fully supports Rebecca and, as a company, recognises the need to promote a balanced view of the nuclear sector in order to attract more women to choose a career within the industry.”

Rebecca Willis added: “I am so pleased to be able to work with WiN to increase the profile and help to progress a more balanced leadership within the nuclear industry.”

Following the appointment, we caught up with Rebecca to discuss her new role:

What attracted you to a career in the nuclear industry?

It was the challenging nature of the industry and opportunity for growth in my career and the knowledge base that attracted me.  The nuclear industry offers unlimited opportunities and I wanted to be a part of a sector with an exciting future ahead of it.

What is your current role?

I have been working as Business Development Manager with Servelec Controls for 12 months.  My role mainly involves managing and nurturing relationships with existing customers and generally promoting our capabilities as a company.  Communication and knowledge of the industry are key for my role.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced within your career?

Joining Servelec Controls and working in a new industry such as the energy and nuclear sector has been a steep learning curve at times but is one which I have relished the opportunity to demonstrate what I can contribute to the company and the sector as a whole. That is why my role in Women in Nuclear is really exciting for me as I really feel I can make a difference and inspire others too.

Has the nuclear industry presented any barriers for you?

Personally, I have not experienced any barriers, rather opportunities with a progressive team around me and an interesting sector that I work in. There are many equal and varied opportunities for both men and women in our industry and through the work of WiN we hope to raise our collective profile and encourage even more women to enter as diversity delivers greater opportunity.

How and why did you get involved in WiN?

Through networking and connections, I soon released WiN was for me and started sitting on the North West Regional committee.  The North West Regional branch is still quite young and looking for new recruits so I was part of that new recruitment drive.  WiN is always looking for members to raise awareness in the industry and I would encourage anyone interested to contact me to talk about the benefits of being involved.

Recently appointed as North West Regional Manager for Women in Nuclear, what is your aim and objective?

As an organisation WiN has three aims – to increase dialogue about the nuclear industry, to attract women into the industry and to retain women who are currently in the industry.  Diversity within the workplace creates a better working environment for both women and men and supporting the gender balance is one way of increasing the variety across the industry.

How will your role with Servelec Controls help in your role with WiN and vice versa?

My role at Servelec requires me to communicate with lots of different people within the industry and WiN’s aims to get commitment and engagement from all people within the industry. Both these objectives help me to build my networks and knowledge.

What are your long-term career goals?

As for the rest of my career, I don’t have a specific plan but I would like to develop further within business strategy and business development.

What advice would you give to a young woman wanting a career in nuclear?

I would advise them that within the industry there is recognition that increased diversity in the workplace leads to a more productive and creative environment so there are attractive opportunities out there for women, we just need to work together to increase the number of these opportunities moving forwards.

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