To help meet the growing demand for industrial digital solutions within the Oil and Gas sector, Servelec Controls has continued the expansion of its flagship Aberdeen operation with the appointment of Henry Bob-Manuel as Business Development Manager.

Henry comes with a wealth of experience in Industrial Automation, Functional Safety, Support and Digital Transformation solution development. Having spent 10 years representing some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers in the Oil and Gas Sector, ABB and Honeywell, Henry is a specialist in developing bespoke solutions for his client base.

As a committee member of the Energy Industries Council (EIC), Henry brings with him an intimate understanding of the key challenges faced by Oil and Gas Operators and sector Engineering Contractors.

We talked to Henry about his appointment, his outlook and what added value he expects to bring to Servelec Controls’ clients, both current and new:


What do you want our customers to know about you?

“Coming from an engineering background I have a keen interest in developing the best technical as well as commercial solutions to clients’ problems. In my experience, clients want to be confident that we are providing the most robust solution to meet and exceed their expectations. With Servelec Controls’ status as an independent system integrator, I am afforded the flexibility to help develop the most appropriate solutions from multiple proven automated control and safety system manufacturers and deliver the best solution to meet client drivers.”

What experience do you bring to the role?

Earlier in my career I worked with major multinationals, including Shell, in an engineering and project management capacity and so I fully appreciate the demands that end-users place on their supply chain. I also have significant experience developing and selling complex solutions to meet requirements in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas. My sales experience cuts across industrial software, process automation and provision of end-to-end technology solutions. Another area where my experience should benefit our customers is obsolescence management: I have proposed strategies to mitigate obsolescence in industrial automation systems and am well versed in lifecycle maintenance strategies which will improve safety, reliability and better operational efficiency.

What are you looking forward to the most?

“First and foremost it’s engaging with and better understanding Servelec’s customer base, providing support and guidance as they look to address industrial automation and functional safety challenges, particularly in the challenging Brownfield Oil & Gas sector. My focus will be to work collaboratively with customers to ensure their systems are well supported, improve availability and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately driving asset life extension.

Another area of significant interest is digitalisation or industry 4.0. There’s a lot of buzz now about the industrial internet of things (IIOT), but many operators need to meet some prerequisites or basic system readiness in order to take advantage of the potential that it offers.  Considering the significant number of legacy automation systems on the UKCS, I’ll be looking forward to working with our customers to help make their systems ready for the innovation that IIOT presents and deliver other meaningful benefits. Help them walk before they run, so to speak.”


The expansion of Servelec Controls’ Aberdeen team doesn’t end here. With more and more clients keen to reap the benefits of our award-winning Real-time Information Systems and Service Support Solutions, we’re always looking for talented Systems Engineers to join the team. See our available opportunities here.