Talisman Sinopec awards Real-time Information Systems support to Servelec

Servelec Controls has been awarded a Real-time Information System contract with long term client Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited (TSEUK). The contract includes the support of TSEUK’s OSI soft PI Real-time Information System which monitors data from onshore and offshore assets in the UK Continental Shelf.

The team from Servelec Controls’ dedicated Support Centre in Aberdeen will respond to queries from PI users across TSEUK’s onshore and offshore operations.

The Servelec Controls support centre helps clients to monitor the performance of their assets and control safety critical systems.

Servelec’s timely resolution of tickets allows clients to keep assets operating safely and efficiently, while facilitating the flow of vital information to onshore control centres.

The new contract also covers project work on the existing RTIS infrastructure, such as minor system modifications, software upgrades and the installation of new interfaces.

OSIsoft recently presented Servelec Controls with a plaque in recognition of being a valued partner of theirs over the last fifteen years. The support centre is located in Servelec’s Real-time Information Centre of Excellence in Aberdeen.

Servelec’s Real-time Centre of Excellence at the Technology Centre, Aberdeen

Division: Servelec Controls

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