University of Manchester students visit Servelec

Students from the University of Manchester’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering recently spent the day at Servelec’s Eckington head office to gain insight into engineering and real world applications.

Servelec Controls and the University were originally introduced and developed the idea through Tom Nobes, a shared contact at the Institute of Measurement and Control. Mohamed Kara Mohamed, Experimental Officer at the University, organised the trip alongside Senior Lecturer Dr Ognjen Marjanovic.

The students received a presentation from Servelec’s Principal Safety Consultant, Chris Murphy, on how the business works and the role of automation and control in industry. Chris provided information that is not necessarily taught in academia, commenting “I wanted to give the students a taste of what they might expect when they graduate and how they can use the skills they are learning at university in the real world. We also looked at some of the challenges that will face the industry in the coming years, as it will be these graduates who are tasked with overcoming them.”

Paul Mosley, Manufacturing Manager at Servelec also gave the students a guided tour of the recently renovated 15,000sq ft manufacturing facility, to give them an idea of how physical control systems look in the automation industry. This was picked up on by Dr Marjanovic, who said “University degrees tend to focus more on abstract and functional descriptions of various control system components rather than on their physical realisation and appearance, something which is critical for the students’ understanding”.

The visiting party consisted of Dr Marjanovic, 8 MSc students and 5 PhD students, coming from the UK, China, Nigeria, Iran, Mexico and Italy.

The day was a great success for all concerned, as Servelec continues its reputation of taking on the very best placement students and graduates, by making links with the brightest and best from the University of Manchester.


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