The global oil and gas industry is in a state of transition following recent challenging market conditions. The drop in oil price means operators have had to reduce spending. However in order to be sustainable, operating cost needs to reduce and efficiency needs to improve, yet both of these things require investment. This is against the backdrop of tightening environmental and safety regulations for operators.

Operators have a number of options, including increasing productivity in currently operating and ageing assets and improving the economics of new investments through standardisation and simplification. The solutions which Servelec Controls provides assist with both of these options and can help reduce operating costs, reduce intervention and downtime and ultimately extend the validity of producing assets.

Our systems utilise market-leading technology, industrial-grade instrumentation and scalable, real-time control and information solutions and are used throughout all stages of the oil and gas production journey, from exploration to consumption.

Upstream: Exploration and production

Servelec Controls has extensive experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, having first installed systems on UK Continental Shelf platforms in the 1970s. We help global companies to automate, control, monitor and safeguard their assets, minimising downtime and increasing productivity. We have international experience ranging across the sector from offshore oil and gas platforms and FPSO's to onshore receipt terminals and refineries.

Midstream: Storage and transportation

Our control systems help to accurately and safely store and transport oil and gas during its journey from extraction to consumer. Our clients need to store oil and gas as well as refined products, to cope with the industry's seasonal and varying demands. These include storage tanks, underground reservoirs and caverns. Our systems also measure and control the safe distribution of oil and gas via pipeline, tankers and vessels around the country and overseas.

Downstream: Refining, processing and distribution

We help major owners and operators to automate their oil and gas refining operations, while improving safety and efficiency. Our solutions help oil and gas terminals and refineries to perform the critical processes that allow hydrocarbons to be sold and transported to market. These processes include the separation and removal of excess gasses, liquids and waste, compression or dehydration to aid transportation and the measurement of hydrocarbons to determine value.

Example Oil & Gas control and safety solutions

Remote Operations

An alternative to decommissioning our remote operations solution allows onshore operation of offshore assets by automating critical systems to reduce the need for manual access to ageing or normally unmanned solutions to two-year intervals. Read more…

Integrated Control and Safety Systems (ICSS)

We are experts in designing and implementing single architecture systems which combine process control and critical safety applications and improve reliability and cost efficiency. The systems we integrate may include elements from multiple or single vendors and can incorporate existing systems or implement completely new architecture. Read more…

Real-time Information Systems

Real-time Information Systems deliver timely and accurate plant information to the right people at the right time to enable effective decision making regarding  operations, process engineering, maintenance, safety and quality. Read more…

Case Studies

Easington Fire & Gas System

Following the success of a £1.5million Emergency Shut Down system, Servelec Controls was commissioned to provide Easington with a new Fire & Gas System

Etzel Gas Storage Facility

Servelec Controls had been ever-present on Project Viking at the Etzel Gas Storage Facility in Germany since 2006.