The policy of the Servelec Group is to provide products and services that fully comply with the specifications agreed with the customer and to continuously monitor and improve customer satisfaction. Committed to providing a consistently high standard of product and service to meet the expectations and requirements of its customers, which can only be achieved with a comprehensive quality management system in place.

To achieve this Servelec Group has established its quality management system in accordance with the standard BS EN ISO9001:2015. The quality management system is approved by BSI who carry out regular assessments to ensure continued conformance.

Having been accredited with the Quality Management System Standard BS EN ISO9001:2015 the Servelec Group senior management understands that quality can only be assured if all employees endeavour to support and uphold the Company’s Quality Policy and objectives. The senior management team encourages, trains and monitors its staff commitment in creating a complete quality environment for both customers and employees alike.

The Servelec Group is committed to providing a Quality System based on the best working practices that we can continuously operate, in order to meet the standards demanded by our Customers, partners and the BS EN ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System.

We aim to demonstrate our commitment to Quality by:

  • ensuring that our current and potential customers will receive an enviable quality of service on a consistent basis
  • retaining and attracting new customers to ensure the profitability and development of the company
  • continuously assessing our customer’s satisfaction levels to identify areas for potential improvement, review our objectives and involve staff participation.

Achievement of our objectives will ensure that the Servelec Group maintains a respectable reputation for customer service and satisfaction for both new and existing customers.

Our objective is to measure the delivery of quality through:

  • Improved profitability and retention of clients
  • Consistently reviewing the quality system and implementing continuous improvements where possible.

The achievement of the company’s business and quality objectives.