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Servelec Controls to help engineer Big Science at the European Spallation Source

Servelec Controls has been contracted to play key role in strengthening the integrated control systems for what will become the world’s most powerful next-generation scientific research project.

Servelec completes Wormald fire and gas system migration on North Sea platform

Servelec Controls has successfully completed the live upgrade from a Wormald 2003B fire and gas detection and control system to the SCAME Sistemi S81-HS range of fire and gas equipment. This demonstrates the third successful offshore platform upgrade from Wormald to SCAME equipment with several further projects planned. 

Servelec Controls scoops Digital accolade to become EIC National Award winners two years running

Servelec Controls scoops Digital accolade to become EIC National Award winners two years running

Torness and Heysham 2 Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems

Servelec Controls is currently engaged by EDF Energy in a series of major contracts, stretching over ten years, to replace the Diagnostic and Monitoring Systems (DMS) on the fuel routes at both Torness and Heysham 2 nuclear
power stations.

Bradwell Sorting and Dissolution Facility Process Control and SCADA

The Bradwell Reactor Site is a post-operational nuclear power station which is being decommissioned. As part of the decommissioning activities, Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) and Fuel Element Debris (FED) generated during the plant’s operational life require processing into a safe state.

Torness MUWTP & CPP Plant Upgrades

This project covered the make-up water treatment plant (MUWTP) comprising of the pre-treatment plant and de-ionisation plant.


Sellafield MER Radiological Surveillance System

The Magnox East River (MER) Radiological Surveillance System (RSS) is an Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) that covers several buildings. 

Servelec Controls Warrington

Our office in Warrington is based in the Nuclear hub of Birchwood Park, allowing us to best support our nuclear clients with their integrated control and safety systems.

Repsol Sinopec Rotating Equipment RtIS

Through a collaborative approach, Servelec Controls helped Repsol Sinopec (previously Talisman Sinopec) achieve its ambitious “Rotating Equipment Excellence Programme”, which provides early warnings about potential equipment failures, collects and analyses historical data and enables future operational trends to be predicted. The programme has improved reliability and integrity as well as minimising production downtime of 2,800 pieces of major rotating equipment including turbines, compressors and safety critical equipment.

Technip Gas Compression Transmission Control and Safety System

Servelec Controls provided Technip with automated control and safety systems to ensure its natural gas was compressed, stored and delivered safely and securely.

Babbage Field Development Integrated Control & Safety System

Servelec Controls is an independent systems integrator, providing missioncritical control and safety systems to new and established oil and gas operators across the world. Our client, E.ON Ruhrgas, who was at the time of this project new to the oil and gas industry approached Servelec Controls to design, commission and provide support for the integrated control and safety system on the newly developed Babbage platform (now owned by Premier Oil).

Wylfa Dry Fuel Store Obsolescence Solution

The Dry Store Cells are used to provide a storage facility for irradiated fuel elements for a period after removal from the reactor, until their radioactivity level and heat levels have decayed to a sufficiently low level to permit dispatch from site for reprocessing.

Sellafield Encapsulation Plant Control Upgrade

Servelec Controls carried out an Overall Project Requirements Definition and Analysis phase. This consisted of collating current information and establishing the status of the plant/system and conducting a Functional Review.

Hinkley B Rod Drop Monitoring COTS Integration

The recording of control rod drop times is a regulatory requirement of the nuclear site license. To overcome the spares issues with obsolete equipment, Servelec Controls developed a new Rod Drop Monitoring system using commercially off-the-shelf hardware and software. The following solution can be easily adapted to the requirements of any nuclear power station, and has a proven install base.

Dounreay LLLETP PLC and SCADA upgrades

Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) is the site licence company responsible for the closure programme at Britain’s former centre of fast reactor research and development.