Servelec Controls provides a range of information systems solutions and services, which are used by our customers worldwide in the monitoring, analysis, automation and optimisation of their operations.

Real-time Information Systems deliver timely and accurate plant information to the right people at the right time to enable them to make informed and timely decisions for the greatest business benefit in areas such as operations, process engineering, maintenance and quality.

Our services are built upon core offerings that have been developed and refined with our clients including many of the largest utility companies and energy providers in the world; however, every system we engineer is tailored to the specific needs of each customer. By working collaboratively with our clients our engineers develop a keener understanding of each customer’s business environment allowing us to approach each challenge empathetically and innovatively.

We are experienced at designing process information, data reconciliation and optimisation systems with many examples of successfully implemented projects across the energy, infrastructure, oil and gas industries particularly in upstream and midstream contexts, which have enabled our customers to reduce operating costs, improve safety and mitigate risks.

Optimisation solutions

At Servelec Controls we are rethinking real-time information systems by utilising the expertise of our in-house optimisation team. Servelec’s range of business optimisation solutions includes asset management, energy management, event detection and automated network control software with academic experts in each area. Combining our experience of modern real-time information system technology with market-leading optimisation software packages means Servelec Controls is the only systems integrator to be able to provide a true end-to-end solution for critical infrastructure real-time information systems.

 OSIsoft PI

Servelec has chosen OSIsoft’s PI System® as its platform of choice for real-time information systems. The PI system collects and analyses data from multiple sources and translates it into a uniform structure in real-time. Our engineers have been working with the system for 20 years and over this time it has emerged as the world’s leading operational, event and real-time data management infrastructure and, in the oil and gas industry, has established itself as the de facto standard for business critical databases that store large quantities of historical process data reliably. Servelec Controls has a long standing and formal association with OSIsoft as a worldwide systems integration partner. Our OSIsoft PI accredited engineers provide:

  • Business and technical consultancy in the design of real-time process management systems in the oil and gas Industry
  • PI system configuration
  • Interfacing of external systems to the PI system
  • Development of PI displays and reports
  • Development of layered applications

Servelec Controls has built an enviable reputation for technical excellence and services in the supply of high integrity systems for real-time control and information management.

Our experience enables us to combine the traditional discipline of control and instrumentation with information technology for the benefit of our customers. Servelec can advise on, deliver, and support robust end-to-end solutions from data acquisition to mobile visual displays, taking account of all the relevant factors, including information and cyber security.

RtIS for Repsol Sinopec's Rotating Equipment

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